Every day should start with jazz and black coffee.

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This is the type of place I want to live in when I move to L.A. Like exactly how I envision it in my head.



♪(´ε` )
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ageofdestruction asked: are you a big fan of american beauty

not a really big fan of a movie, but i loved that scene with a flying plastic bag. :) i always had a feeling i can appreciate those kind of moments more than people around me… since i was i kid, every time i’d see a bag flying around, i’d watch it as long as i could.

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jednom sam s didom gledao nijeme filmove na ovakvom projektoru njega i familije dok su bili mladi i kupali se u smiješnim kostimima. ne znam kada smo se zadnji put svi tako skupili i družili. čak se i na blagdanskim ručkovima raziđemo čim pojedemo.
ne sviđa mi se ovo doba.
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My standard break from life.
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what is this… the trail of tears?: Rings and moons of Saturn, photographed by Cassini, 5th November 2009.
Nominally a photograph of Pandora which, along with the other small moons Atlas, Daphnis, Methone and Anthe, is lost in the ring plane in this image. The visible moons are Dione (left) and Tethys (right).
Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI. Title credit: dem bones.
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"Kirikou and the Sorceress" is a 1998 traditional animation feature film written and directed by Michel Ocelot. Drawn from elements of West African folk tales, it depicts how a newborn boy, Kirikou, saves his village from the evil witch Karaba.

moram doć do tog crtića
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ako ne voliš medvjede, ne možemo se više viđat.
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My dads house when he was 20, they called it “The Morgue” why aren’t I as cool as he was

similar here
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Bruce Lee sparring with Ip Man, 1955 
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kind of what its like to be on acid

holy shit

mmmm moving earth

The reason why things look like this on LSD is because you are processing light and information a 100x faster than “normal”.

Fuck yes
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'Valium Lover' - acrylic on pharmaceutical package 2014.http://verticalgallery.com/collections/paper-jam
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Two American soldiers proudly show off their personalized “Easter Eggs”, northeast France, during Easter of 1945.

Always bring this around again ready for Easter.